Easy Jazz FM Radio

Your FREE Cool Jazz Station. To listen, click the play button below.
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Live Streaming

You can listen to Easy Jazz FM for up to 12 continuous hours at a time. After that, the stream will stop because we don't know if you're still listening. If you are, to listen again, just click the play button to restart.

Terms of Use

Easy Jazz FM is free to listen to any time. But recording and playing back for any purpose is against copyright law and forbidden. If you'd like to purchase any music aired on Easy Jazz FM, just click the cart icon in our player.

Listen on an APP

Listen on your phone and in the car using the "Live365" or "myTuner Radio" app. Both of these work on Android and Apple Car Play. Once installed, just use the search box to type in "Easy Jazz FM". Enjoy!

Direct Link

To play Easy Jazz FM in Windows Media Player or another media software program that permits live streaming, insert our stream URL: