Ways to Listen

There are a number of ways you can listen to us in addition to this web site.

1. Use a Free APP

Download and install either "Live365" or "myTuner Radio" then use the app's search box to find us.

Live365: App Store / Play Store
myTuner Radio:
App Store / Play Store

Both apps work with Apple Car Play and Android and include a wake-up alarm.

2. Use a Radio Directory

Our stations are featured on many of the world's top radio directories. Here are a few we recommend.

The myTuner Radio directory features all 3 of our Internet radio stations:

Easy Jazz FM
Jazz Planet Radio
Ultra Quiet Radio

These directories feature Easy Jazz FM:

Get Me Radio
Listen Online Radio
Live Online Radio
Radio Canada Online

3. Roku and Apple TV

If you have Roku or Apple TV, add the "myTuner" or "Get Me Radio" channel, then search for the station you prefer: "Easy Jazz FM" "Jazz Planet Radio" or "Ultra Quiet Radio" and listen on your TV.

4. Windows Media Player (or other media software)

To play Easy Jazz FM in Windows Media Player or any media software that allows live streaming, insert our stream URL:

5. SONOS Speakers

You can also listen in high quality on your SONOS speakers. Here's how.

  • On your SONOS app, go to Settings (the icon looks like a sun) in the menu.

  • Press "Services and Voice"

  • Press the plus sign to "Add a Service"

  • Scroll down to "myTuner Radio" (the services are listed alphabetically)

  • Press "myTuner" to add it.

  • Once added, go to your installed services by pressing the music icon in the menu.

  • You will see myTuner in your list. In myTuner, go to "By Genre" "Jazz" to find "Easy Jazz FM" and our other stations.

  • Press the station logo to add the station to Sonos and it will appear as a favorite under the star icon.