Sponsorship is not the same thing as advertising. We don't air traditional ads because we're trying to separate ourselves from other radio stations, including terrestrial stations, that air many annoying ads. We prefer a clean, uncluttered sound. Sponsorship is in the form of brief "liners" in which our announcer reads a couple of sentences that explain what you do, and provides your web site address.

Sponsorship Details

When you become a sponsor, your messages are heard once an hour on two stations - Easy Jazz FM and Jazz Diva Radio. The combined audience is 4,500 listeners a month concentrated in the US, Canada and the UK.

Why Online Radio?

Online radio stations have increased dramatically in recent years. According to a report by the respected research organization IBISWorld (Integrated Business Information System), online radio has grown by 15% since 2017 in the United States and is now a $5 billion dollar industry. Unlike video, people can safely listen to the radio while driving and doing other things. Audiences also tune in for long periods of time compared to any other medium. Online radio offers programming that is difficult or impossible to find on traditional "terrestrial" stations, which has led to an explosion of niche-based stations. Many online stations have little or no advertising, adding to their appeal. More and more apps are now compatible with Apple Car Play and Android, allowing easy and convenient access. It's expected that in the future - 5G technology, expansion of Cloud-based services, and lower bandwidth costs - will further drive the growth of online radio.

Who listens?

  • Age group: 45 to 65

  • Mostly managers, executives and business owners

  • 55% male, 45% female

  • Average length of listening: 3 hours

How They Listen

Statistics show that 50% of our audience listens through the web player widgets on our websites: easyjazzradio.com, easyjazz.fm and jazzdivaradio.com. The other 40% use an app to listen on their phone and while driving. The most popular apps are Live365 and myTuner. 10% listen through a radio directory. Most listeners first learn about us through organic search or a radio directory. (We also occasionally place ads on search engines).

Purpose of Sponsorship

Sponsorship is designed to increase your brand awareness which, over time, can produce more leads and a higher number of inquiries from people interested in what you have to offer.

Appropriate Sponsors

Since our radio stations are heard by people all over North America and parts of Europe - the most appropriate sponsors are organizations that do business regionally, nationally or internationally. These include online/virtual businesses, multi-national corporations, large associations and governments. Our sponsors also share our values. Our stations are rated "General" with no X rated content. We also hope that our sponsors share our passion and love for the music we play, in the jazz, easy listening and classical music genres. Sponsorship is a way to support us and keep us on the air, and also help your own organization as well.

Affordable Rates

You can become a sponsor for as little as 50 cents per mention, or $84 a week, providing a total of 168 mentions (every hour for 24 hours a day x 7 days) . To avoid the exact same message being played over and over, we'll ask you to give us enough information to produce 2 different versions of your sponsorship. This gives you the opportunity to share a greater variety of information for the same price. To avoid too many sponsorship messages, we are limiting the number of sponsors to 3 per hour.

How it Works

The process is fast and easy. Fill out our quick sponsorship inquiry form and we'll get back to you right away. Upon verification of your inquiry, we'll let you know how to make payment, then record your sponsorship liners with music and send them to you for final approval. After that, your sponsorship will go to air. Your sponsorship fee is a tax credit for your organization because it's a business expense. If you like, we can also record promotional liners for use on your web site or other media project.

Corporate Ownership

Our radio stations are owned by Galbraith Communications, a federal corporation based in Canada that specializes in live streaming and has been in business since 1987. All invoicing and payments are done through our company.

General enquiries:
Email: support@galbraithcommunications.com
Telephone: 1-877-899-3427