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JAZZ FOR HEALTH: Up to 50% of all adults over age 50 have high blood pressure. But studies show that listening to jazz can relieve stress; improve sleep, memory and mood; reduce depression; and even decrease physical pain. Choose from among our ad-free Internet radio stations below.

Therapeutic Music 

1. CLASSIC JAZZ FM (320 kbps)
Enjoy jazz vocals from the legends of jazz, including Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day, Tony Bennett and many others.
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2. VINTAGE  JAZZ FM (320 kbps)
Traditional lively, upbeat popular jazz music, but not too loud or rocky.   
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3. EASY JAZZ FM (128 kbps)
Light jazz instrumentals enjoyed by 15,000 loyal listeners.    
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4. CLASSICAL FM RADIO (320 kbps)
This is our popular classical music station featuring piano, guitar and symphonic tracks.  
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