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The market segment with the most disposable cash is the over-50 market. The exact same market served by Easy Jazz FM. Partner with us to reach this sought-after audience! 


Age 50 is no longer considered "old". To the contrary, many people today over 50 lead very active and healthy lives - and most importantly for advertisers, they've got money they're willing to spend. According to the Office of National Statistics in the UK, 62% of people over 50 have more disposable income now than when they were younger. Almost a quarter describe themselves as "spenders" and a third say they spend not only on themselves, but their children and grandchildren as well. These numbers are similar to other studies in Canada and the US.


The Easy Jazz FM soft and quiet music format, while popular with adults of any age, is most appealing to the over-50 segment. Our audience of over 10,000 listeners in the US, Canada and the UK consists mainly of people who have retired and those near retirement but still engaged in the workforce as leaders, managers and executives. Most have accumulated significant savings over the years and are looking to spend on home renovations, investment opportunities, technologies to save time and money, travel, retirement living, health and wellness products and a host of many other interests. Our listeners are extremely dedicated with the average listening time at an incredible 6 hours every day.


Easy Jazz FM is one of the fastest growing digital radio stations on the web. In addition to our own websites, we're featured on iHeartRadio (US) which has a following of over 130 million listeners , the international TuneIn radio directory boasting over 75 million, and ten other major directories around the globe. 


1 - People don't click on ad links: Here's the truth. Only 10% of people on the Internet click on ads. On top of that, 30 to 40% of Internet users have an ad blocker. And the number is rising daily. Rather than waste your money with text ads, use the power of radio advertising. Easy Jazz FM provides an audio message of your website so there's no clicking going on. Listeners hear your ad and web address, and safely type in the address themselves. According to a report from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Comscore, around 23% of U.S. consumers have used a search engine to look up information about a business after hearing a radio ad.

2 - Protect your reputation: Advertising on social media exposes your brand to controversy, haters, trolls and inappropriate content. Easy Jazz FM provides a clean, safe and exclusive platform - free of clutter, noise and competing interests. 

3 - Reach a mature, established audience: Our listeners have been through all of the trials and tribulations of building a career and family. They are settled, contented and ready to hear what you have to offer.  

4 - Packages for every budget: If you're a small online business trying to reach a broad audience, Easy Jazz FM is the perfect advertising vehicle. Our rates are much lower than traditional radio so we have a package for every budget. You can go broke putting expensive ads that will just get lost on major search engines, or you can keep your hard earned money and still get the word out with us. 

5 - Catch prospects while they're online: Our listeners are tuned into us online so they're surfing the web at the same time. This makes our Internet station far more effective than traditional radio in driving traffic to your web site. Move prospects to your website at the very time they're already online and looking. 

6 - Text enhancement: In addition to your audio ad on our station, our web radio player also displays your website address along with brief promotional text. You get both audio and visual exposure for one low price. 

7 - ROI: Nielsen Catalina Solutions reported that every $1 spent on radio advertising returns $12 in purchase activity. This solidifies radio as a powerful advertising channel that can deliver an approximately 12-to-1 ratio of return on investment.

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