About Us

Easy Jazz FM Radio

Easy Jazz FM Radio is an ad-free Internet radio station featuring popular cool jazz music that is licensed for airing in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We are also a network with 2 other stations: "Jazz Planet Radio" and "Ultra Quiet Radio".

Our objectives are as follows:

  • To help our listeners relax in this busy, crazy world.

  • To help promote and celebrate jazz music.

  • To support and promote musicians.


1. Easy Jazz FM: Our Easy Jazz FM radio station plays only instrumentals with an emphasis on soft, quiet selections by popular cool jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Red Garland and Chet Baker. The station has no ads or talk, is designed for relaxation and is perfect for background music. Easy Jazz FM has rapidly grown in popularity since its inception in April, 2022 . It is licensed for airing throughout the US, UK and Canada.
Websites: https://easyjazzradio.com + https://easyjazz.fm

2. Jazz Planet Radio: Jazz Planet Radio is available everywhere on planet earth, playing only instrumentals by independent jazz artists. This is the best of royalty-free, non-copyright jazz. The station's purpose is to promote these amazing independent jazz musicians. There is a variety of selections, from slow melodic jazz to upbeat, new age music.
Website: https://jazzplanetradio.com

3. Ultra Quiet Radio: This is our classical music station. All tracks are instrumentals - mainly classical piano and symphonic music, all performed by the best independent artists. Ultra Quiet Radio can be heard anywhere in the world.
Website: https://ultraquietradio.com


No Ad Policy: If you're like us, you hate advertising. Most ads are obnoxious and spoil the mood we're trying to create. You will therefore never hear a traditional ad on any of our stations. You also won't see any annoying, cluttered web ads on our station web sites.

No Subscriptions: Today, with so many free options out there, we don't feel a subscription-based model makes sense. Besides - we love jazz so much, we think it should be free to everyone.

No Useless Chatter: Our music stations provide a soothing and uplifting listening experience void of constant interruption.

Corporate Ownership: All of our stations are owned by Galbraith Communications (GC), a company based in Ottawa, Canada with over 15 years experience in online live streaming. GC was a pioneer in the field of corporate and government webcasting. Today, the firm continues to offer webcast services, in addition to the development of Internet radio properties.

Artist Submissions: We welcome new or independent jazz and classical artists to submit their work for public airing. Contact us using the co-ordinates below.


Easy Jazz FM Radio

Suite 200, 440 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1R 7X6

General Enquiries and Artist submissions: info@easyjazzradio.com
Corporate Web Site: https://galbraithcommunications.com
Tel (North America): 1-877-899-3427
Tel (local): 613-564-7795